Telemedicine Consulting Services

Utilizing Healthcare Technology to Support Workflow to Provide Efficient Patient Care

Telemedicine Consulting Services

With Telemedicine being tied to the future of health services, an organizations must understand each component and how it can enable healthcare organizations to improve the quality of care in a different way.

  • Video conference: A live visit between a patient and a health professional or a consultation between multiple health practitioners.
  • Store and forward: The communication of information (e.g., imaging) to another health professional for a consultation/evaluation.
  • Remote patient monitoring: The connection and collection and communication of health and medical data (e.g., blood pressure, heart monitoring, and glucose test results) to a physician.
  • Mobile health and education: General and targeted information provided to patients via mobile apps and devices.​

About Telehealth:

Quality Informatics Consulting provides telehealth consulting services to assist all organizations identify, score/evaluate, and implement the correct telehealth technology . As the world changes and non-urgent in patient visits continue to decrease, it is imperative for organizations to enable other services to continue to care and grow revenues. Healthcare organizations who provide telehealth services can not only retain their patient base, but also see an increase in new patients as this service is sought after from patients. With the addition of telehealth services, providers can see double the amount of patients then before.