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Utilizing Healthcare Technology to Support Workflow to Provide Efficient Patient Care

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As digital communication becomes more important and transformative in the healthcare industry, physicians and staff must learn the new advances and find ways to modify their current workflow.

Technology can be a catalyst to completely transform care at the delivery side by making it far more streamlined, prevent errors, avoid duplicates and make access to information better.

Girish Navani, CEO of eClinicalWorks

Qualify Informatics Consulting is dedicated to helping medical staff learn their way around new processes and adapt technology to their existing workflow by providing options that suit their needs best.

What is eClinical Works EMR?

eClinicalWorks EMR is a cloud-based platform for healthcare providers. This database also provides practice management software and services to the hospital staff. The software allows staff to streamline workflow create customized documentation for any need.
Providers may exchange data with select hospitals through the CommonWell Health Alliance and Carequality frameworks without any additional costs.
The software also provides easy, end-to-end solutions to revenue cycle management, allowing offices to manage their own patient insurance eligibility and analytics, manage collections, and other billing and RCM options.
eClinicalWorks also provides affordable access to healow TeleVisits, a fully HIPAA-compliant service, to allow providers to offer telehealth services. This service integrates seamlessly with its preferred software, eClinicalMobile®, and eClinicalTouch®, working with any EHR.

What is the difference between EHR and EMR?

Both of these are electronic records of a patient’s health, but depending on which one you access, you might get a different level of detail about the patient’s health.
EHR, or Electronic Health Record, is considered the more comprehensive, broad, long-term view of the patient’s health through their records as it covers records from multiple doctors and hospitals.
EMR, or Electronic Medical Records, is best recognized as a digital version of the patient’s current charts, offering a detailed view of short-term records.

Potential of eClinical Works Training and Software

In today’s rapid-pace world, the truth is that most practices cannot keep up with the constant stream of technological upgrades to EHR.
Providers are spending an increasing amount of time on administrative tasks, rather than visiting with patients. Not only is this increasing patient wait times, but it is increasing provider burnout rates and lowering the overall quality of medical care.
With the proper training, eClinical Works can reduce these burdens on the medical industry and help provide an optimized, results-oriented solution to these problems.

Increase Productivity

With proper training, automation and newly implemented features can help reduce the burden on the medical staff, increasing productivity and decreasing patient wait times.
Physicians will notice fewer administrative tasks, with a better, more informed view of the patient’s health history, allowing providers to spend more time with patients.

Improve Adoption

Staff adoption is paramount when switching to a new workflow. With less downtime, staff can focus on their work without losing morale and feeling as if they are falling behind in their current workload.
This is why on-site training workflow consulting and best practices documentation are available on-site when your practice switches to the new software.

Optimize for the Future

New upgrades are pushed out to eClinicalWorks frequently, allowing staff to get used to new features slowly, rather than all at once.
Our team offers upgrade assistance and frequent database reviews to help identify new areas of practice optimization as new updates are rolled out, helping you get the most out of your software with every upgrade.

Reduce Physician Burnout

Administrative tasks are the number one reason why physicians face burnout in the industry, taking them away from the primary reason they became care providers.
By analyzing the software’s data, our team can help develop automated tasks and strategies to reduce manual administration and, ultimately, provider and staff burnout.

Optimize Patient Engagement

Care, coordination, and outreach are paramount to a positive patient experience. Once your new workflow is implemented, medical staff can begin caring for the patients in a new light.
Allow our team to work with your practice to help identify areas where patient engagement could be improved, helping you develop custom strategies to increasing overall satisfaction with the care patients receive.

What Database Does eClinical Works Use?

Unlike other EHR systems, eClinical Works utilizes nine data centers across the United States for the most reliable service possible.
Not only does this minimize any lag or server downtime that the service could experience, but it also leads to a faster network and more reliable data sharing and collection, allowing providers access to patient files faster.

Tailored Solutions for Your Practice

Quality Informatics Consulting is dedicated to providing you with solutions for next-generation medical training and consultation services.
We believe that your success is our success; we provide all the training and tools you need to reduce IT costs, implement new EHR systems, and prioritize patient safety.


Bruce Rogers, Transforming Healthcare Using an Ecommerce Model,

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