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ABOUT QUALITY INFORMATICS CONSULTING Ms. Vidhi Patel is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Quality Informatics Consulting. She is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree in Health Informatics and Board Certified by ANCC in Nursing Informatics. She has 10+ years of knowledge and hands-on experience in the healthcare, informatics and consulting industry. Not only is Ms. Patel a registered nurse who understands clinical workflows and operations but has worked with diverse clients through the entire Electronic Medical Record (EMR) lifecycle. She has worked as a trainer, clinical informaticist, analyst, and project manager orchestrating all the moving parts of an implementation or optimization working along side C-suite executives. She has worked in the position of the client and understands client expectations as well as the side of a consultant delivering satisfactory results. Ms. Patel has successfully managed and combined all of these roles to provide effective EMR solutions.


Quality Informatics Consulting was formed out of Ms. Patel's passion to advance healthcare with technology using her expertise in clinical transformation, informatics and EMR implementations. Ms. Patel is driven by the belief that well-built information systems can help to advance the quality of patient care.

Our team is strictly comprised of dedicated industry leaders and professionals, specifically recruited from leading hospitals and clinics around the nation, and who have spent much of their careers designing solutions and services to propel healthcare reform. Their knowledge and expertise are unrivaled within the industry, and they will work with you, hand in hand, as they help you to implement EHR solutions.

To transform healthcare with advanced technology.

Provide healthcare organizations with consulting services to improve their current processes, reduce user burnout, capture meaningful data and increase revenue.